Finally started utilizing this quarantine time and started a new project.

Name - Hermes
Link - https://github.com/gauravat16/...

About - Send Cloud message notifications (like FCM) to your users.

Features I am planning -

1. Send notifications to users based on any specification you want. (eg - users on app version 1.2 and using OS version 9.0 or 8.0 in region India)

2. Search on previous requests and responses.

3. Draw trends on the responses and further actions by the user.

Current tech stack -
1. Spring-Boot
2. Java 1.8
3. Mysql
4. MongoDb
5. Elastic (Planned)

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    I hope it is more reliable than Hermes the delivery company, who consistently fail to deliver parcels to me.
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    Why do you use a 10 year old java release?
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    @pythonInRelay why would anyone ever use kotlin
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    @shoop because I want rdbms for storing relational and data and mongo for key value pairs.

    For example - any user can create their own request for fcm I don’t know the dto structure that they will create. I would need to persist it.

    I can save it as a blob but then performance suffers. So I used a nosql data store.
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    @yellow-dog due to the licensing issues.

    If you are using Java SE for non-commercial use and under a very restrictive scenario, you might have the rights to use Java SE for free. However, activating and using any ‘commercial features’ of Java requires a license, so it is worth confirming that you are not using any commercial features and are in accordance with Oracle’s Java licensing policies.
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    @gvnix maybe I'm missing something here, but can't you use OpenJDK instead of the Oracle JDK?
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    @patfromthe90s sure I can and I have been using that for development.

    But I think oracle has LTS for its releases and openJdk doesn’t.

    I can go for a newer version if that’s not needed.
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    What the fuck are you talking about, "commercial features" dont mean you cant use type inference, it means you have to pay for oracle enterprise support, which, unless you are the owner of multinational company, you probably wont use.
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    @yellow-dog easy there.

    All frameworks support java 8 as it’s one of the stable releases. I am not writing a plain java hello world application. I might need depencies that may not support newer versions.

    This is, for me at least a good enough sacrifice.
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    Yeah you just cant be bothered to look up documents and learn new things. Java is backwards compatible until 1.4, there were some breaking changes there, thats it. People like you is why java gets a bad rep.

    Also, by stable release, you mean you didnt check the new release model and think yearly releases are not stable. Debian niw ships with j10 by default.
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    Gang tag @alecx04 laugh at this absolute monki
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    Thanks for the comments. But the world doesn’t move at the pace you want to.

    Around 60 percent of the enterprise is still on java 8 or previous versions.

    And if there are breaking changes in the frameworks you are using then you would need to waste time in upgrading both of them and fixing any issues that then arise.

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    And just fyi Debian ships with java 11 which is the LTS Version. That’s what I meant by stable release.

    A release that doesn’t get any support should it be put into work in production.
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    @yellow-dog well at least he is being nice and explaining his responses. I respect that, I can also understand the need to maintain projects with 1.8.......but if you do have control of a new project, and specially if you are using Spring Boot and it ain't nothing commercial yet in which you need to support old libraries that upon being move would cause some major damage....then why not just user one of the newer releases on the openjdk?

    -- Not aimed at OP
    And for the love of Gosling why would anyone want to use Kotlin when Scala is sitting there on a bed waiting for you looking like the hottest mamma in the world or when Java is a sexy certified milf??
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    @AleCx04 you know i am not a nice person 🤷‍♂️
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    @yellow-dog consider this, our man his is running his endeavors in one of the most perdormant full featured tech stacks we have rather than "zOmg JavA suCks riGht gUyZ loL" I would at least try and get why our man here ain't using the best release without a care in the world
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    this is our good cop bad cop intervention OP, the ball is in your court
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