Manager: I'm so sorry to say but your collegue A has passed away yesterday afternoon. There will obviously be flowers etc and we'll try to support her family as much as we can..

Me: Oh, no. My deepest condolences. (I'm always bad at saying much in situations like this, but)

B: My gosh! So does this mean A's family also caught it??!? (Corona)

Manager: She died in a car accident.

Also how unfortunate. Due to the lockdown, a ton of the people use the roads as a racing track around here...

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    Sorry to hear that man
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    Rest in peace in pieces
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    Interesting, we have the same situation with people on the roads here. Tho we have two groups - the low flying aircraft and people who just can't drive. With the warmer weather approaching the low flying aircraft group mostly consists of bikers doing what ever the fuck they want and ignoring just about every road rule written and unwritten. I've honestly lost any courtesy I had left for them. The pure disrespect for other traffic participants has made me want to start chucking stuff at them every time now.
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    Did you remember to ask for their stuff ?
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    It's interesting the automatic assumption is virus. People die every day.
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    @theKarlisK Yikes. I'm also starting to see cyclists emerging though so far it has only been car races. Saddest thing is that she was on foot.
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    @Nanos Uuh, huh?
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    @Alt-Tab Yeah, amazes me how short sighted a lot of people are. Fine, you don't care what happens to you, but don't forget you have others around you.

    Actually cyclists have been unusually calm and traffic-abiding. Tho, it could be because everyone is just driving with a car (at this point I wouldn't be surprised that some are even driving without having a licence)..
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    Was she on foot on the pavement, or on the road ?
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    @Nanos All I was told is that "she crossed the road at a place where she would several times a week and a car that was going at a crazy high speed hit her" :/
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    I guess the lesson for all of us there is, look before you cross any road.

    And, don't cross if all the vehicles are not stationary..
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