Can you guys let me know how microsoft teams is? Is it good, or is it polluted with fluff and garbage?

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    It's ok when it works
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    What’s the reason behind this question? 🙂
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    @heyheni got an invite from our parent companyto use their Teams instance, so i wanna see if i should get on, because once i get on there's no way to go back
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    From what I've heard, I would avoid it.
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    @arcsector if everyone is using the same software that’s a plus. Teams is ok. Slack is maybe a bit better for programmers and tech savy people but for the normal office clerk teams is a good fit.
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    To be honest, if you have something decent for talk, video and writing and don't need the OneNote/calendar/wiki/onedrive functionality, stay the fuck away.

    It's incredibly bad at configuring notifications and the way it does notify you is split between teams and group/persons and the conversations-in-conversations is imho garbage for a chat program - it's like using a subreddit as your chat function except you can't sort by newest, they are always in the order of threadstarter datetime.

    We've come to terms with it with a policy to never reply to a comment, so we treat it like old school Skype instead of pseudoreddit, but then you lose a lot of screen realestate.

    It just... Tries to do too much imho, and the metro design isn't helping it much.
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    @heyheni for sure. My big issue is working for government means i need specially certified programs, which meand no slack, we just have jabber right now
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    As a life rule, I avoid anything that conjoins "microsoft" and "communication." They have a long history of failing at it.

    Office communicator
    Skype for business
    Outlook's abusive thread and memory management model.
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    Been using it for work and it's fine
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    I like it for collaboration and getting onto projects.
    The native app is fine for chatting, for working on tables and stuff I prefer taking it out on desktop.

    Requires perm online and does not synchronise nor cache. That's what it's supposed to be.

    Ask me in a month wether it can withstand.
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    it has been working ok for us, but we really don't use it for more than "hey fuckface did you see that email I sent?" kind of deal
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    Slack is better but mobile version of slack has problems with notification. Sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn't
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    I like that our video calls are more stable on Teams compared to Skype business and that when we record videos it automatically saves to the cloud and send every participants in the call the link. Also it has built-in future to easily edit collaborately shared files. What I don't like it is very hard to add to chat people outside your organization and the interface when navigating/switching multiple chats is just horrible.
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    @ArcaneEye wow, you hate the best feature it has — the threads in chat. That's just a key feature for a program like this. Btw, new replies cause the thread to come back down as if it was a new one.

    The notifications are confusing, that I'll give you.
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    @electrineer its definitely a hard concept for people to get used to if you havent spent time on image boards or forums... I've noticed its harder for younger colleagues especially...
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