Why does a dishwasher need access internet?

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    To broadcast to my phone it's current time remaining, plus being able to fill it in the morning and press wash on my way home so it's ready when I get home 🙃

    Same reason I want a coffee machine with internet access... wake up and bam coffee o'clock

    IoT is a marvellous, and incredibly stupid area
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    See there's this famous rant, a true story taken from, I believe reddit(?).
    It's about a developer being obsessed with automation.
    He wrote a script that telnet'd into the fucking **coffee machine** to brew him a coffee.

    Now explain to me, friend, why the fucking coffee machine has got a server running on it.
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    @Ranchu I kinda wish I had messed with my TV before Vizo patched a exploit that allowed you to execute shell commands in the Network access menu.
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    @C0D4 why tf you wanna RC your DW when you can just press the btn when you get out and find it all done when you're back

    y'all should hire mediums and plug in the dishwasher up their ass so you can turn it on with a mental message
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    @Ranchu Reminds me of rfc2324 - https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2324
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    @molaram because efficiency.... and who doesn't like opening a dishwasher and getting a face full of steam?
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    I mean you can always sue the manufacturer and I'm pretty sure insurance companies got you covered in such unfortunate situation.

    Also gotta take google down, they will definitely be keeping a database of all your meals so they can show you more relevant ads. And FB will log your shit too so they can influence the next elections.

    Btw I hear they're cooking the wireless toilet brush as well. Should launch in a keynote in september. It will even have a color display AND a charging cable. With the icon in corn flower blue.

    Fuck I'm getting old.
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    Lmao I thought you were talking about a woman... Gotta detach myself from 9gag...
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