Soo me and a couple of local devs decided to build out own chat app for our decisions

No one wanted to take the project so worked my ass off for 2 &1/2months

Only one guy tested the danm thing
Now its just floating online half done

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    Effort != Results
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    Yeah, question 1 is why did you decide you needed to reinvent the wheel and why was it not an indication when others didn’t want to participate?
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    Question, how were you planning to:
    - Market it
    - Advertise it
    - Finance it
    - Maintain it
    - Manage it

    Without a plan and a concrete reason, you shouldn't develop shit. (and learning how to code is a reason)
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    Seems like a bad decision on your behalf imo
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    The app was specifically for a small dev community
    And it would allow us to focus on one topic by separating a main project discussion from junk discussions
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    @Taqs01Code Like slack, MS teams and discord can?
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    @Stuxnet it's not a PLC thing
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    I think it's fine trying to reinvent the wheel. There was Friendster and Multiply before Facebook. What is important is there are users and developers with the ideas to enhance it.
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    why not use rocket.chat ?
    I installed rocket chat with docker-compose in 15 minutes and it has mobile app that can connect to private servers.

    There is plenty other solutions like ex. mattermost, matrix, jitsi ( can have voice and video ).
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    I had fun doing it tho
    Picked up a few new stuff
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    Drunk coding. Keep the booze flowing to keep the devs coding.
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