So, my previous rant was one of the most liked rant for me so far, in which I simply stated I am moving to Ubuntu.
I feel ashamed to say that I am moving back to Windows(for now at least).
The reason is not Ubuntu, I actually found it lovely. Its my friggin laptop. While there are many other problems, but the biggest is that the wifi adapter's range has fallen drastically in linux. On Windows it was working fine, I also checked Kali and tails(live) and both show the same issue. My router was literally 3 meters away and this shitty laptop couldn't connect. Since, it connects on Windows properly, its obviously a driver problem, the shitty creators haven't released an API for linux devs. Now, I have tried a lot of suggestions from SO but if I can't find a solution I will either have to arrange another laptop or simply go back to that always updating OS. There is another problem, the graphics card is not even being recognized. No idea how shitty hardare this laptop has.
Btw its an HP ac110tx.
Tell you what, I recently bought it from Paytm and thought its an i7 5gen processor with a graphics card for a reasonable price, what can go wrong. This is the issue. Hardware was shitty. I hate this laptop. If I had the money I wouldn't think twice before dumping this laptop on ebay/quickr. But, we are struggling devs(at least I am), don't have a big amount coming soon.
Very depressed and angry!

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