Hearing about all the layoffs due to Covid-19 is really depressing!!!
How can one work with utmost efficiency when the thought of losing job looms over like a dark cloud 😭😭😭

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    On the bright side, after that whole pandemic thing it'll be easier to know which company/country handle a crisis the best.
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    By catching the virus while you're still hired.
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    @rutee07 Which virus? *winks*
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    I mean, that's been my last 20 years. I guess the answer is kids and bills
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    Yeah. 150,000 people died because of this shit and he’s depressed because of the layoffs.
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    @molaram they're both traumatic events and statistically you're more likely to be affected by a layoff than a death with this pandemic. It's all bad.
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    @molaram well no one says that OP ain't worried or feels bad about that, but realistically speaking I am more worried about layoffs that I would be about random people dying in other countries/cities/etc that I have never met. Else I would just take a daily 40 minute break to cry about people that I don't even know.
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    There is a lot going on right now. Stress management is paramount.
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    Binge drinking.

    Downed my cheap ass vodka bottle and stumbled around like a proper alcoholic for a few hours before passing of out.

    Was a 100% improvement in my week.
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