Just got laid off from full-time salaried position due to various business circumstances. I absolutely loved working there because they paid well, are low demand, they were 100% remote before it was COVID cool, and they didn’t micromanage anyone. Will continue to work for same employer but on hourly work order basis. I’m fighting the “provider” urge to find something else full-time as quickly as possible. My wife, who’s also working part time, says I shouldn’t be in a hurry and take my time to find just the type of job I really want. She’ll even go full-time while I search.

I’m the luckiest unlucky guy.

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    My condolences! It sucks getting laid off, it really does
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    Hang in there, things will be good soon.
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    Hang in there buddy. Sometimes life’s a bitch. If you’re based off from India I can help.
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    @WhatDaCode are you a recruiter? Or another developer who has an opportunity with your employer?
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    There are other jobs like that out there, only that they are rare and depend on a lot of quite random factors.

    But keep your hopes up and don't stress yourself too much until you find something new.

    Sorry to hear about this tho!
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    @shine Not a recruiter but my company is constantly hiring, so I guess whatever helps another.
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    @WhatDaCode what company has the budget to be "constantly hiring" even during this recession?

    Appreciate the offer though ­čĹŹ
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    Aww that sucks. But my advice is not to rush to get another developer job.

    Start doing interviews for practice, put yourself available in LinkedIn and be clear about what you are looking for.

    You are lucky to have a wife who supports you.

    Best of luck my friend!
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    @shine You can take a look at Contentstack or Raw Engineering. And I am not sure where you’re based off from but there are a lot of companies still hiring there buddy.
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    @nachocode Thanks. What you said is my current strategy. Like I said, it’s hard to resist the urge to take the first thing that comes along. Our trend, and now our mantra, with jobs has been “…or something better…”
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    Dude, your wife's working while you're not? She's telling you it's ok, but give it time and it wont be. Itll eat your relationship.
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    @Wisecrack I know. For now it’s cool. We’re on a 1-2 week trial. Communication is happening. I’m taking on her household responsibilities so she’s not double-tasked. Gonna be interesting.
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    @shine ‘what company has the budget to be “constantly hiring”’

    For example mine (I am the leader of the IT department in an upcoming bank soon to be competition to Revolut). We have currently space for around 100 devs for various languages. However we are not looking currently for any more remote developers but that can change in the course of months *shrug*
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    I think about this everyday
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