You just knew the DDOS attack that impacted Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, Netflix, Reddit, Disqus, PayPal... Would not have a chance to slow down devRant! Guaranty @dfox has a world class resilient infrastructure built to circumvent and to scale.

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    Well, devrant use AWS dns, not dyn....
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    that's what they get for putting all their eggs in one basket, redundancy keeps crap like that from happening. after that the worse you have to worry about is the whole dns system goes down, which I doubt any hacker would really want to do
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    @jckimble agreed! Youngsters have redundancy on each tier. Try to eliminate single points of failure - which is what devRant has implemented.
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    Devrant does just use one dns "supplier" ( forgot the real word )
    Not 100% redudant but well, amazon DO have DDoS protection.
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    @Linux I heard that aws dns is starting to be effected by it, so devRant might become spotty before too long. this is going to be a good lesson to sysadmins to set up backup dns servers, in house if nothing else
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    Totally aggree!
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