Hey guys, I have almost developed the backend of an app like reddit. My question is about authentication. How should I authenticate my user. Is phone number necessary to add phone otp?Because I don't want to get any legal trouble if someone posts objectionable content on the platform. Most of the apps today need phone number, I dont know why except reducing spam accounts.

Or shall I verify email by otp. But its hard to track disposable emails. I cant go for only gmail too as its banned in china. Email domains of china are weird.

Can I get into legal trouble for objectionable content posted by any evil user?

I dont want to go for auth.

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    Credit card number. Every time someone's an ass, you charge that shit. Lol.
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    @rutee07 its like nuclear weapon. Everyone has it no one uses it.
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    - okta
    - terms of use
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    @SortOfTested i had checked it. Quite expensive
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    Free for the first 50k mau. If you determine you can't afford it when you near that, put the time into implementing it yourself.
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    @SortOfTested first 50k or every month 50k..i have implemented it. I want to know if its risky to just leave it on email verification as users can have disposable enails.
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    @SortOfTested its free for 1000MAU and after that direct 50$ for 2500MAU
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    Right. Still cheap. If you're not making $50 or funded after 1000mau, you prolly need to give up on it
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    I've worked on a similar app
    I later on added number verification
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    Not everyone has a phone number, or wishes it to leak out into the wide world..

    Email addresses change, and also get clogged with spam when its leaked into the world.
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    > Can I get into legal trouble

    > for objectionable content posted

    > by any evil user?

    Simple answer yes !

    Complicated answer, very expensive yes..

    Best to let someone else host the content and you just do the software.

    Quite how you distance yourself legally there I'm not sure, but its a huge can of worms.

    And these days, anything anyone complains about would probably be flagged as 'objectional' so you'd end up dumping users who say anything but isn't the weather nice today..
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    @Nanos I think he means objectionable as in illegal content, although for copy right I think it's enough to just remove it when asked
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    Write an algorithm than removes everything you don't need on your service and send out a warning to the sender or block them until future notice
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