I don't move much. My back aches, and I'm getting rather fat.

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    My arm muscles are growing. The whole boredom thing had me fapping more than usual. I've become self-conscious after two weeks and started alternating between two arms. Now they're even.
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    @rutee07 I guess it's cheaper than going to the gym 😂
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    I eat more, shit more. My trousers have become tighter

    And back pain is becoming more intolerable. And possibly mild muscle spasms
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    I have to change my chair to lessen the strain on my neck from looking down on my laptop.
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    I am eating so much more and I love it (I was severely underweight pré lock down) my boyfriend and Doctor going to both be shocked at all this new ass eyyyyy
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    @witchDev I'm actually eating less, I have long commute that winds up about 4 miles a day. Not doing that any more so I'm not as hungry
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