[least fav part of wfh]
Not being able to have a conversation with coworkers.
No whiteboard.
No spaceous modern desk setup.
No distraction free environment.
No free coffee and lunch.
No 1500W sound system.
No 2gbps internet.

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    Exactly! btw thanks for putting the weekly group rant title at the start of the rant, more people should adopt this model.
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    @pythondev ill post it as a feature request
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    > 1500W Soundsystem

    You...make afterwork rave parties ? πŸ˜…
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    @une-poule yes, why?

    We also blast dubstep during lunchtime
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    @yellow-dog I'm more of a techno guy but I love the idea 😍
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    My setup at home is actually better than the one I have in the office, maybe with the exception of the internet speed πŸ˜…
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