Slowbro: Do you have time tonight?
Me: No sorry, I can't stay late tonight, I have a thing with my wife.
S: Oh yeah, I'm not staying late either.
M: Oh, so what do you want?
S: Can you help me install linux?
M: Uh no, I can't stay late -
S: No, no you don't have to stay, you can do it from home.
M: What? No I don't have time tonight. Wait you want me to take your computer home?
S: No, no I need to use my computer tonight.
M: So... What do you want me to do?
S: You can do it on your computer.
M: You want me to install an OS on your computer, but on my computer??
S: No, no *sigh* just try it on your computer so we know it will work on my computer. It is a proof of principle.
M: Reinstall my OS?
S: As a proof of principle. So tomorrow when we do it on my computer, we need not waste any time.
M: ... No I'm not going to reinstall my OS just as a test for you.
S: Not a test, a proof of principle.
M: What are you.. I'm sorry, I don't have time for this tonight.
S: Just a proof of principle!!
M: Ok see you.

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    Some* people really are hopeless.

    * read: most
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    Just tell him to learn how to use google and to go fuck himself
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    @ItsaMeTuni yeah.. as a proof of principle tha anyone who can read can do this..
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    Proof of concept?
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    It's kinda sad to admit, after seeing the first name, I expected a Pokemon punchline.
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    Well install just 'linux' on his computer and when the neverending tsunami of questions come afterwards, just tell him "hey it works on my computer, have you tried turning it off and on again?
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    You could do proof principle in VM.
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    > Not a test, a proof of principle

    You can tell him that in my language, "proof" and "test" translate to the same word.
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    This was hilarious. I dont envy you tho
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    @AlmondSauce This is the best criticism I have ever received, thank you.
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    "i've got a better idea: install the linux on your machine to test whether you can install it without issues tomorrow"
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