Microsoft Teams is not like Slack the way I thought it was.

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    I'm interested, how is it?
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    Unfortunately, it will infect thousands of companies before everyone else realizes it.
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    It's like slack, with 0 developer centricity.
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    @JhonDoe honestly, it's not bad. Just different in communication mechanics. Including how to invite people into teams (or workspace) to start. I'm already feeling the barrier.
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    There is no quote message in the desktop app 😁
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    IMJO It's better and more organized specially if you have big projects/teams/companies once you get used to it: files, wiki, office, onedrive, teams...

    @Devnergy instead they have, and that's one think that i like more than slack, instead of write in the main text box, you have to reply in the message you want to
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    Two projects in a row now we have started with a teams channel, then immediately made a slack channel a couple of days later.

    We use teams almost exclusively for files, wiki, and devops. Slack can do these as well, it's just more out of the box in teams.

    I still get lost and confused by the teams ui. I've used it for years and I still feel the need to ask people if they got my invite when adding them.
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    @ltlian oh that looks super handy /s

    P. S.
    I forgot to mention another good thing of teams and all their features a single account a sso

    P. P. S
    Btw there is one thung i prefer in slack, the possibility to see the local time of the user I'm talking to
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    You need to take in consideration that Slack is super expensive.
    And if you say there's a fees tier.. simple answer to that is no go for any major corp for multiple reasons
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    @Neo- if price is a factor, there's always Mattermost
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