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    Browsers take up a lot of memory, but they also operate reasonably well with less. It's more of a "why not use it if you have it" kind of deal.

    I've benchmarked my Firefox when I upgraded from 8 to 64GB. It caches more pages, and caches them better. Things run marginally smoother. It sometimes uses 45GB of RAM now. Doesn't mean you need 45GB to be able to browse the internet.

    Same goes to some extent for IDEs — more RAM helps, but there are diminishing returns going from 4 to 8 to 16, and everything over 16GB is currently probably overkill.

    Adobe is the only one with harder requirements — sometimes you really need 32+GB to efficiently edit 4K footage in After Effects.
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    @bittersweet Did I read that right? 45?
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