I finally got the refurbished laptop I ordered and..
wrong CPU, wrong number of cores
wrong GPU
only 1 USB port, I bought 3
battery is DOA

fuck aaa_pcs at ebay. they better replace this with what I bought or imma call Karen to talk to their manager

maybe I should check for spyware/backdoors/etc while I'm at it just because I'm pissed.

any suggestions? nothing is too petty if it doesn't void warranty

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    Call the karen but get a tranqualizer too, you know, to use when things get too much heated up.
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    Don't👏buy👏expensive👏stuff👏on👏 eBay.
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    Was it super cheap ?

    Maybe you just got the wrong shipment.

    (Could be short of staff currently, or anyone who can read..)

    On average I get about 1 in 100 items the wrong thing sent via Ebay, can be a right pain sorting it out.

    So much better with actual shops that you can take the same thing back 7 times before you get one that works..
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    Newegg is a thing btw
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    Don't trust eBay for that IMO. I did trust Amazon with my last laptop purchase, but it was a brand new computer.

    Best way is to file a claim directly with eBay because of false advertising, product not as described, etc. That will eliminate the hassles of endless month of back and forth with the seller and ultimately getting shafted by them.
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    @jeeper yeah but they're not perfect either. I like to shop around
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    @Nanos the price is average for a certified refurbished version of the make/model. The vendor has since lied about not having the correct laptop in stock, refused to replace it, tried to use the pandemic as an excuse, and even tried to imply I have to lie to EBay about my reason for returning it to get the shipping label. Lame and sketchy
    Hopefully I won't be eating the sale tax when I get the refund.
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