Hi my dear fellow coders, I have a small request for you.

If you are among those coders who are working on microchipping people / quantum dot something, tracking people, classifying people, AI, ML or any other such software which is going to harm or cage us or take away our freedom. Please stop doing so.

Why I came out with this rant?
I myself am working on a covid-19 screening app which would rate people based on symptoms and if they seem high risk they would not be allowed to enter unless they do a covid-19 test. I am tracking their movement and the requirement is to restrict people’s movement.
My conscience says that this is incorrect and and I should not be a part of such things which take away the freedom and liberty of people.
I am stopping it now.

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    In this case restricting there movement you ar also saving countless lives
    And it's temporal
    It's a win win
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    The guys from the manhatten project, also founded the doomsday clock.
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    This while a major university is now saying the entire quarantine was unnecessary and may actually be harmful. Why is the the "free" press so eager to lock everyone up and take away freedoms? Because they are evil globalist douchebags.

    It takes courage to tell an oppressive government no.
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    @Demolishun The quarantine is there to prevent hospitals from getting (even more) overwhelmed. It is only delaying the inevitable but it'll save lives in the long run.
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    It says the infection rate is 50-85 times higher than what they thought. So people who had and are already over it have been sheltering for zero benefit.
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    @Demolishun higher ed institutions are not companies like many of them willing to rethink the quarantine?
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    @Taqsblaz3 if you think authoritarians aren't going to try every dirty trick in the book to make these "temporary" invasions of privacy permanent, you are terribly naive. This is a golden opportunity for those people.
    It's a temporary win, temporary win, permanent lose everything else.
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    Yu do hve a point.... since they are collecting medical records on a global scale um sure itd gonna be used to suppress those individuals some how in the future

    Maybe use it as a means to keep track of those infected even long after this outbreak
    Monitoring every ounce of their lives
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    IMO the quarantine might just save the planet so I hope it'll last another year. Humans are dicks, we're gonna suffer and harm each other anyway.
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    @Lor-inc virus will not go away until 80-90% people are infected by it.
    Herd immunity is the only thing
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    @Lor-inc The planet never needed saving, mate. We'll be the only one doing the "dying".
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    @Jilano Good point, but even though we can't "kill" the planet, we can absolutely destroy its biodiversity by creating circumstances where only lifeforms up to the complexity of a cockroach survive.
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    Guys my request to our developer community is not to make stuff which can take away your freedom. Ask yourself this question whether the work you are doing is going to now or in future going to take away the freedom of people. If the answer is yes then stop it or at the least put bugs or something which can have an off switch for it.
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    @prash32 It's up to the consumer to care for their privacy, to elect their government, to start a civil war if need be.
    You can't solve ignorance by not exploiting it because someone else will.
    You can only solve ignorance by raising awareness and creating tools to support your cause such that your eventual followers won't have much trouble. VPNs, secure open source platforms, location and other sensor spoofers, encrypted and anonymous communication methods.
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    @Lor-inc "Its up to the consumer to care for their privacy" - thank god that's not completely true!

    Otherwise we'd already have huge ass clusterfucks when it comes to privacy.
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