Damn it, why I can't find the COBOL course by IBM?? It was supposed to go online this week in Coursera.

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    Because IBM sucks in every imaginable way and is a cancer on our industry and society as a whole.
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    @SortOfTested wondering why is that
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    Because you do not know how to use google like it's the 90's.
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    General profiteering, falsifying the education credentials of 300k of their resources, market fixing, bribery, political manipulation, exploitation of workers, suing those they can't intimidate out of business, patent trolling, defrauding customers, trapping customers in vendor lock-in, killing products they buy due to neglect and lack of ability to produce new products or quality, buying seats on standardization bodies only to kill ideas and tech that might threaten their market share, fired most of their employees over 55 bc they cost money and replaced with bootcamp grads, general anti-competitive behavior, active members of their board oversaw programs that allowed the Nazis to track Jews during WWII.

    It's easier to list ways in which IBM isn't the essence of corporate lawful evil.
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    @C0D4 I promise you I did use Google lol
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    Don't. Such job is just gonna bring you misery.
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    It sounds like standard business practices—nothing new from what every company, institution, and governments in the world do. Since these - are run by humans. And humans will do what it takes to survive. Some real-life shit, right?
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    It's really not. If you think it is, you desperately need a course in business ethics. If you're doing those things personally, you're absolutely a sociopath.
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