So, I need to search for a new job again. The thing killed my project.

15 years of Java experience in my resume, I look a like a sterotypical 35 years old programmer, I’m applying for expert roles. But every remote technical interview starts with:
- what is the difference between ArrayList and LinkedList?
- what is a hash map?
The hardest part is to keep smiling to the camera, pretending I don’t have the answer memorized by repeating it for the last 15 years of interviewing, and not rolling my eyes.
And before you ask, I do know what garbage collector is.

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    Garbage collectors are the heroes of today

    What is your response to those interviewers at the end?
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    I like your post but I didn't wanna ruin your 666
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    @lkjhgf253 You may now updoot.
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    Let's make it more fun, shall we...

    1. under what circumstances is G1 a performance killer?

    2. How can you clear memory in JNI-allocated objects?

    3. What's a mirror API and how/when do you trigger a code consuming it? How do you debug it?

    4. Name at least 1 place where java's [sun http client] libraries disobey http rfc

    Let's try w/o google first :)
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    @netikras i'm interested in those answers
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