Like most said, the home part 😂

I rejected the remote opportunity and decided to move to California in December, just to be locked at home for 2 months now

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    I didn't even have a desk at home, I was working on the couch, eating in the couch and playing in the couch
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    ...and sleeping on the couch, getting drunk on the couch, making love on the couch...
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    To my hand? 😂
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    Hopefully you picked a nice house... (PS: Didn't realised there were Portuguese on devRant! Olá!)
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    Haha boas 😂
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    The house is really nice, has pool and BBQ
    so awesome they decided to ban me from using it because it's shared space 😭
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    The couch is not the problem, I love it, night well spent there as well 😂 but like, you shouldn't do everything on the couch
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    Plus it started hurting my back from my constant weird position
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