I am burntout because my last job (which i quit, you can read the drama at my profile)

So, now that I am unemployed and in lock-down I want to learn new things, but idk where to start.

I want to try python (I am mostly did backend stuff, with java and node). And I want to see if i can do backends with it. Idk where to start, there are certificates on it?

I always wanted to learn about security/ pentesting (more for curiosity than anything), again, idk where to start or where to get a course/certificate).

Where to start with devops? I have no clue about front-end either...

So, any advice? Right now I am a bit lost about... well, everithing and need to do things to keep me bussy.

Thanks and sorry if my english is not perfect, It is not my native language.

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