My coffee went cold :(

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    And so did my heart. *flips emo bangs*
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    Go make yourself another one.
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    Go for cold brews.

    You'll never have that problem again.
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    @Ranchu "Damn it, my coffee went hot..."
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    @Jilano Good point.
    It could happen.
    More like lukewarm.
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    @Ranchu lukewarm/room temperature is where it's at. All my friends judge me bc I drink my soda and water lukewarm/room temperature.

    But it smacks the best imo. Ice will melt and water down the soda and sticking it in the fridge doesn't make it that much colder than the room, so I just drink it at room temperature.
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    @Stuxnet Well you got a point there.
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    @Ranchu Fair enough "Meh" temperature it is.

    @Stuxnet I do the same with my popcorn. @C0D4 taught me that last year, and I can't go back now.
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    @Jilano I can't handle cold coffee, and those junkies that microwave it hot again disturb me.

    Popcorn on the other hand.. it's good no matter what the temperature. Here's a nice fresh one🍿
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    @C0D4 I feel you, I usually only drink coffee when it's free! :D

    (And thanks for the popcorn)
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    @C0D4 oh, I microwave both my coffee AND tea... sometimes more than once.
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    You may discover that cold coffee can be tasty. Sometimes. I didn't figure out when, yet.
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    @Ranchu @Jilano

    I feel like cold brew is something hipsters drink just to outhipster espresso hipsters, and once they've started adding it to their identity it's like "I can't admit it tastes like bitter buttwater now, I'll lose my hipster cred"

    And that's coming from an guy who spends about 5 to 6 grand on coffeebeans per year and makes fun of people who order Americanos or add scoops of sugar to their brew.

    But seriously, bitter buttwater. Just like porn, coffee has to be firm and strong and chocolatey black, but most importantly it must be hot as fuck with a little creamy foaming layer. When it enters your mouth, it should feel full-bodied, rich and smooth, a bit overwhelming, dominant.

    Cold. coffee. Who the fuck thought that would be good idea. Seriously, it tastes worse than spilled peyote-soup squeezed out of bathroom mop.
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    Microwave oven, 30 seconds, then another 30 seconds maybe..

    But not much, or it will boil over.

    Especially if you add sugar !

    Well, more of an explosion..



    > Time Warp: Exploding Water
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    @bittersweet I mean, It doesn't taste good but it fucking wakes you up and that's what counts for me.
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    @bittersweet coffee in general tastes like shit dude.

    It's like alcohol mate. For the most part tastes like shit but they serve a purpose and we tolerate the shit taste for that reason
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    @Stuxnet I don't know how you make your coffee; I like the coffee I make.

    Also if your fridge isn't much colder than room temp you're gonna get food poisoning.
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    @spongessuck a two liter of soda doesn't get that cold mate. The fridge is fine.

    And I've tried sever different ways. Coffee just tastes like shit and im not a fan of it.
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    Thermo cups. Ever heard of it....

    And microwaving.... Yeah let's make it acid
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    @Stuxnet A good espresso from good beans tastes amazing. Various milky espresso derivates like cappuccino, cortado and australian flat white are also delicious. I drink those not just for their function, but also for their aroma, for pure hedonistic enjoyment.

    It goes wrong when people don't use enough pressure (drip, french press), not enough heat (cold brew), or start decorating their beverage as if it were a birthday cake.
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    As per your name, Steal Lava from somewhere and then make your coffee hot again.
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