Soooo what would be wrong for a developer to aim for a partner in a similar profession or the same?
I had my fair share of exp now and must say that i really love what i do and am really into learning and developing and applying all that I learn. I missed that drive in the dates that I had. I feel passion, purpose and understanding with what we as devs deal all day would be really helpful for a prolonged relationship. I dont wanna go for a power coupling but it would be nice to have ur partner on board no??

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    All my husbands have been engineers, it's a mixed bag. It's good for the relationship, but don't work with your spouse if you don't have 100% compatibility on both sides of the fence.
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    I agree with @SortOfTested. My ex was an engineer but boy, we are incompatible in many ways. One of the reasons we stayed together is because we felt like we can't meet other partners who share the same interests. We fought all the time about the dumbest shit.

    I met another one, a psychologist. We had so much in common (childhood trauma, perspective, etc.), that it turned serious after just 10 days. It did not work out for the same things that bind us tormented us big time. My rational mind tells me we're enabling each other and are actually toxic for one another. This "connection" is nothing but trauma bonding and being too similar doesn't work.

    Your search for "someone like you" can end up being a trap that will waste many years of your life. You can pursue it but give others a chance and don't expect it to work just because you're similar.
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    @SortOfTested Thats true. One needs to have is own soace in work as well as private life.
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