Boss: Give me unrestricted access in the system.

Me: It's dangerous. You might break something.

Boss: I'll be careful.

Me: *gives access*

This happened 2 years ago. Now every week he deletes something he shouldn't and break a module for him or for the clients using our system.

Just woke up in a rant email saying that "oUr OnLiNe StOrE DoEs NoT wOrK". Well, that's because you have delete the Cart configuration for all the clients you dumbass. What the fuck were you thinking when you deleted that?

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    Why have you not taken the access away already?
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    @Stuxnet He doesn't want to.

    But I am planning to do so on Monday. But I have to let him know first.
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    If he isn't the owner like maybe a manager, he could perhaps be creating the issue so there is something to manage or wants to stupidly learn through process of omission.
    "Hmmm what happens if I delete this...oops"

    If he is the owner and still wants to break something regardless if he loses money in the process then perhaps he is a psychopath who gets more pleasure annoying/torturing people.
    "Why is @TopsyKretts not working on a weekend? *deletes files in production* "
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    what you should have done in the first place:

    boss: give me god mode
    you in chris d'elias voice: yOu CaN't HaNdLe ThIs
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    Test environments save lives, yes they cost, but is the cost of downtime due to breaking shit in prod worth less then the investment?
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    Reminds me of when part of a group, everyone wants admin rights, even though most of them know less than I do !

    They keep saying to me, "Do you want admin rights ?", I say "No, because I don't know a thing about the system and I might break something by accident."

    Doesn't matter if I'm the boss or not !
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    @C0D4 He has test environment. He is too lazy to go in there. It's a clone of production environment and I clone the database from time to time.
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    @iamai He is the owner. I sent him a SMS. "The store does not work because you deleted the Cart configuration files. You deleted things that should not have been deleted in the first place."

    This is my SMS copy/pasted. He apologized. He wanted to delete the items from cart from a specific user, and deleted those. Bloody hell.
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    @TopsyKretts 😦 what the flying fuck?

    I'd be putting restrictions in place to prevent deleting config regardless if he's the boss or not, hell even getting access to it in the first place.
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    @C0D4 right

    Ive not been paying attention in my God awful information assurance class but I learned that you should put restrictions on config files.

    That's one of the like 3 things I'll actually remember from this class that makes me wanna wanna drive head first into the shallow end of an empty pool lmao
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    @Stuxnet keep that in mind for DB access and you will prevent shit like this occurring by design rather then learning the hard way.
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    @C0D4 one of the many fuck ups in the Equifax breach was they left config files without restrictions.

    I also learned that in this class lol
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    He is doing a special type of test called scream test - you delete a piece of code and see who screams the loudest 😏
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    Polish your CV and gtfo.
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    This rant shouldn't have more than 23 upvotes
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    @TopsyKretts dude! Reroute him to the test environment. He won't know if you know what you're doing.
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    Revoke that shit ASAP.
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