Ever think we will be replaced by A.I that can program software better than us? :(((

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    Some of us, yes.
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    Web developers, probably. Others, probably not.
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    innovators and designers no. Copy/Paste drones, most definitely.
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    i fucking hope so
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    Even the process of the design could, can, and probably will be automated at one level or another.

    Either we're gonna have an apocalypse or an actual utopia. But either way an impasse is coming.

    Not too soon but within our lifetime.
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    @Wisecrack the "process". Ai will eventually be able to imitate popular design sure, but the thing with popular design is just as soon as you dial in the formula, the population revolts and another andy warhol is born.
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    Probably NO, event for web developer.
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    Creative work it's so hard to recreate. We build stuff from nothing
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    @sqlkid exactly. Far fetched idea by a wide shot. Specially if one has any clue how AI and ML currently works
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    Tl;dr; yes and no

    I think we will be utilising AI api in our code. The AI will be handling some parts of the solution - so yeah, we will no longer have to code those solutions that the AI covers. But for the rest of the program - we will have to be writing it ourselves. People know what they want and they are flexible enough to build individualised software -- to target exactly the problem it is supposed to be targeted. AI will not have enough data to make individualised solutions.

    For instance I see no reason to not use AI for testing. Functional, e2e, stress, performance, security - you name it. Testing + finding the culprit for any problems found, suggesting solutions to the dev.
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    Can't wait to die.
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    Frankly I'm more worried getting replaced by someone younger and cheaper.
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    Notice almost every api (except for microsoft lol) successfully differentiated them.

    These are images close enough in similarity that *at a glance* people could be forgiven for mistaking them, and the last paper I read on the subject had people doing just that.

    I follow the state of the art on the subject. Trust and believe me when I say that algorithms exist, now, today, that can *discriminate better and quicker than the human eye*.



    Literally invents new art styles. And they actually look interesting.

    For a light read about it:


    And we now have AutoML rapidly and automatically learning to reinvent breakthrough techniques that took decades.
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