Is there a good UI representation for the data structure of a plugboard?

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    In which context? Do you mean for example a Raspberry Pi breadboard?
    Or electric circuits?
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    @heyheni Essentially, you have a set of inputs and a set of outputs, and you can connect or disconnect whichever ones you want. See attached image. The problem is that this table becomes very inconvenient when you get further from the named edge, and I don't even need it as in my scenario inputs may receive signal from at most one output.
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    Cell formulas like spreadsheet programs do?

    With optional lines generated between them?

    Convert the cell formulas into a hash thats just hexadecimal and then use that hash as the render color for both the cell and the line connecting them?

    Easy to visually parse is more important than pretty for sure.
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    @Wisecrack I don't understand.
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    @Lor-inc it's for breadboard yeah?
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    @Wisecrack It's for an analog signal analyzer/generator. I need a way to chain the pieces. A bit like a breadboard, but there's a direction of data flow.
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