Don't send me a confirmation email that I successfully unsubscribed from your list you shit nugget.

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    Fine, I'll send you one that says your request may take up to 30 days, in the mean tone enjoy this coupon!
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    @C0D4 I'll fuckin hax your website!!!1!1
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    @Stuxnet 😂
    Ok, ok, here's a 10% of your next order* while we process your request.

    * by placing another order, your daily mail subscription will be reactivated.
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    Feedback is better than not knowing if the unsub button worked IMO
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    @netikras do it on the website then.
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    Why even unsub, just set spam filters. Often the unsub button doesn't even work.
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    @Lor-inc please don't. E-mail is broken as it is. Legit bulk mail should not be flagged as spam unless they indeed give you no way to unsubscribe or you had nothing to do with them.

    Flagging everything as spam just muddles the water even further; giving legit business a reason to go more aggressive and more false positives on malpractices.
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    @hjk101 If I have a problem for which I'd like a solution, I'll google it. I despise any and all marketing bullshit and I never explicitly agree to receiving marketing email so any crap in my inbox is definitely spam. So unless the unsubscribe button is bigger than the "mark as spam" button I'll just click that one. There are very few services for which I've enabled newsletters or digests and I keep track of them. Everything else is, from my perspective, spam.

    How is email broken, may I ask?
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    @hjk101 "please, don't do anything about this bad thing, otherwise there's a chance that the bad people will make it even worse".

    That makes no sense. The *real* problem is not that it might get worse. The *real* problem is that there are shitty people trying to do shitty things to get their way!
    Giving in to their shit will never solve the problem. Fighting with every tool and weapon we have will!

    If they wanted me to be interested in their product, they should have made a better product. Flooding my inbox with their useless weekly updates that I didn't ask for will only make me hate them more.
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    "Now that we know that you actually are reading our spam mails (otherwise you would not unsubscribe), we will send you even more spam!"
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    @Lensflare not really but sure go off bud
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    "you are 50th in line to unsubscribe. Unsubscribe again later to unsubscribe or wait and we can send you a confirmation email/phonecall/securitycode to confirm your unsubscription."
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    @Lensflare this is exactly what I fear will happen every time I am clicking on unsubscribe
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    *clicks unsubscribe

    “please enter your email here to unsubscribe”

    *cold sweat starts
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