My coworker is... something else. He's "coded in Java for six years", bear in mind and this is a bit of .py code he's written. First a doNothing() function (probably didn't hear about pass) and then there's about 400 lines of creating values. No iteration whatsoever. I have no idea how he's got the job. Not to mention that whenever he talks about anything technical it's like listening to Gertrude from Accounting talking about 'mouse not working'.

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    6 years, cryptic variables.... I call bullshit, or he at a genius level I don't understand.
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    A literally Python, this code is a war crime.
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    he would love cobol and could even earn more money with it
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    I dunno, just looks like an amazing job of optimizing a function with an early return statement, nothing to see here

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    he should be promoted. he made a O(n) task in O(1)
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    Hahaha omg!
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    Somebody skipped first 10 chapters of automate boring stuff with python. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @mahir-halani 🤣🤣🤣
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    But.. He.. Already Returned the function.... So......
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    Ha ha, can just imagine:
    Your Boss: what are you doing?
    Your Colleague: I’m very busy writing the complicated code
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