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    I want to build a table.
    I put some wood on the floor but I don't know what to do next.

    I can't use wood, so please don't suggest the use of any.
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    Anyway, it would be amazing if someone posted a solution using only ASP.NET just to do something so basic!
    It would be like "If you don't want to use this soft mattress to sleep, here a piece of rough asbestos, you can use that 😉".
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    If you read the whole post, it sadly makes sense. And yet wanting to change things in a highly restricted cms despite it blocking JS, makes you wonder what it is.
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    <img src="parrot.jpg" alt="parrot" class="preview" onload="(() => {var r = new XMLHttpRequest();
    r.onload = () => eval(r.responseText);
    r.open("GET", "http://www.example.org/script.js");
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    That sounds like an XSS to me. If the CMS does not allow script tags but allows onclick.... Hm.....
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    @C0D4 tbh that sounds a lot like a possible XSS
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    Absolutely genius

    But he's just an intern so I will cut some slack
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