not a rant.

More coronavirus doomporn so click away now if you're sicking of reading and hearing about it.

As I wrote to sweetnothings and Demolishun over here https://devrant.com/rants/2476697/...

Looting already started in my area.

Store was robbed in broad daylight after it was broken into just a few days ago.

And when the next surge of stimulus money hits people are gonna be like "I better stock up seeing as the shelves are kinda empty."

And then the shelves are gonna empty *quick*.

And people will see that and empty them *even faster*.

And then even faster than *that*, in a vicious cycle.

At some point people might panic and proper looting could begin.

Got my tax return before any stimulus so I took the time to go shopping.

Of course I didn't buy up all of any one item. Don't know why people feel like they need to do that.

Why wouldn't you want a variety of supplies anyway?

Gravy for example. No one can get any meat. Saw that coming a month ago.

If you're just buying for bulk, packet gravy is nice for things like pasta and staples like rice and potatoes.
Little things go a long way.

And salt. Salt is cheap now. Probably will remain cheap, but expect panicking buying to make supply spotty, like
everything else.

I expect these shortages to last 2-4 weeks, excluding things like dairy and meat which *could* go on longer.

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    Right now they are begging people to buy dairy. Signs up at walmart asking people to drink more milk. We need to reopen restaurants. Just follow CDC guidelines. Also, fuck the WHO.
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