hey if devrant has any suggestions to learn machine learning AI from that would be nice and yes my github is under construction

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    @yellow-dog machine learning neural nets
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    hi there i don‘t want to be rude but if you think you‘re smart enough to learn machine learning you‘ve would have found the answer on google. Please learn to find stuff on google it‘s the most important skill.

    Top 6 Machine Learning Courses - 2020 Guide & Reviews

    also join the Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning group on facebook for the newest advancements in ai.

    I wish you best of luck! 👍
    how’s your python programming knowledge by the way?
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    @heyheni its fine thx for being helpfull I will keep this in mind!!!
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    @yellow-dog machine learning neural nets
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    Michael Nielsen's book, also online as http://neuralnetworksanddeeplearning.com/... is fantastic for going from scratch to an optimised net. There's also fast.ai which offer free courses in deep learning. Haven't been through the latter as much as the former, but both are great!
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    @Creep pennis and also dicke and balls
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    @yellow-dog oOoOoOoO HOT
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    Andrew Ng's course on coursera is worth the penny. Also DEFINITELY check out Andrej Karpathy's "a hacker's guide to neural networks" its on his blog

    Edit: as mentioned wrt python, look at the numba library instead of numpy.. it offers easy-to-access advancements in the way of parallelism. Even on AMD GPUs. It makes use of ROCm, so you don't have to. Parallelising your code can be as simple as adding a function decorator
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