Visual Studio 2019: there’s really no reason for me to explain why this is the best editor without question.

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    It's not the best because it only supports like 5 languages and is quite slow compared to everything else
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    What are you talking about? It's slow af AND only runs on windows, only has support for one cloud and a narrow spectrum of databases, and takes a month and gigs of space to update. But hey, it's got training wheels galore and intellitrace for the 5 of us who actually know how to use it. 😋
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    @SortOfTested well as a person who is windows-only the windows part is not a problem, but I agree with the rest. It's not good
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    Yes there is.
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    Visual studio is absolute shit, vscode tho is <3
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    I'd love to try it out but I can't seem to find a Linux download and I don't see much language support...
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