Notepad. Doesn't interfere with what you're doing

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    Doesn't help you either
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    I used notepad a lot but not for coding. Mainly just to do minutes of the meeting or remove formatting when copy pasting.
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    The one qualm I have with notepad is that I can't ctrl+backspace to delete a word.

    Other than that, still use it for brief note taking or, as said earlier, dumping crap to remove formatting.
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    In general I would disagree with your decision. But then my code highlighting breaks, my auto formatter launches my brackets to the moon, and I freeze every time I open a multi line comment and your view starts to make more sense
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    I'm sure you know but CTRL-SHIFT+Left and then DEL
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    @electrineer It does, but not interfering with anything.
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    The single ctrl z makes it tough not to cry sometimes though
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