Ah why thank you Safari I didn't want my CSS animations to work anyway

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    safari is the new internet explorer 7
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    I remember the web development project when I was in university which said "the project must also work even in IE" . Maybe a decade later, it will be "the project must also work in Safari."
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    I wish more companies would develop browsers where animations, javascript and other useless bullshit didn’t work. I’m tired of my fucking browsers using 100gb of virtual mmapped regions, burning 100s of watts of power and having billions of lines of code to power all the stupid bullshit PREVENTING me from reading the 1kb of text that I received over a TCP socket. Make web design great again, seriously
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    @heyheni At least it's not 6
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    @FrodoSwaggins never before have i been so offended by something i agree with
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    @FrodoSwaggins Would be fun to re-invent the internet but text-only.

    Text Transfer Protocol

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    @AlgoRythm I would definitely use that.
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