Stop sending me your freaking PNG. Don't even dare to FREAKIN' make me use Chrome DevTools to get your FREAKIN' color our of your FREAKIN' PNG.

Give me all your colors in FREAKIN' hex, rgba, or whatever you want.

Give me all the fonts you used.

Give me all the sizes, is it percentage-based? Pixels based? Donuts-based?

I don't give a damn that you think you went responsive-first. Show me the damn responsive mockups. Not just the desktop sized with a note: "Don't worry mate, I made so that it all goes well when responsive".

Oh god. Oh god.

I'm not an artist, I give zero shit about how great it looks.

I'm a programming poet, I want to write code without having to open (or download it first through torrent) the damn photoshop, sketch, or whatever you use.

They take freakin' months to dump a mockup and we have days to make it happen. The pain.

The pain is strong with those damn designers.


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    so what do do you think about www.zeplin.io ?
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    @heyheni Yeah; invision, zeplin and stuff alike.

    They are absolutely great and defo the way forward to better communication between devs, designers and/or ux designers.

    It seems we can't make the management understand that it's a valuable tool, money-wise. But that's for another rant I guess.
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    "I'm a programming poet"... You have future as a recruiter 😉

    Some designers can be educated. You could also try convincing a project manager or other boss you have in common that what you are asking for will streamline the production.

    If you can't convince then of using a specific tool for design specs, you could try to write or find a sample reference "Word" or pdf document showing what you need.

    PS: I've just read you can't convince management. Oh, well...
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    Designers are supposed to know this shiet.

    They suffer the same thing when they get requirements on a napkin..
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    @liammartens an infiltrated designer
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    Zeplin bro, Zeplin... As a matter of fact, I reject designs unless they use Zeplin or something alike.
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    I do both design and implementation, so I kinda of feel your pain 😊
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    I feel you bro, I received a design that has battery and signal on iOS colored in blue! No hex for colors sent and not a single icon was included and took them three months to deliver design of 55% of the app, and deadline is first of May 😪
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    Now that's a fucking rant.

    You need to demand a spec sheet if you can. No specs = no interface.

    It would be like getting the picture of a pineapple upside-down cake with no receipe...Umm yeah, that's gonna taste real great.

    Or let's build a car with no torque values. A crash test dummy wouldn't even get in that shit sled.

    The analogies are endless on this

    Shit heads.
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    Designers will hate xD
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    I can feel you bro ..
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    When I arrived at my company, they were using GOOGLE DRIVE to share the screens in pngs and folders to manage versions... When I introduces them to Zeplin they were awestruck and instantly loved me
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    Proper rant is proper, have an upvote. Also, you can send the an email like this:

    Please send me all the required information as requested, otherwise we cannot continue. Imagine you were asked to make a beatiful digitally designed graphics portfolio... With a hammer and chisel.

    Dont give me a hammer and chisel to build your website
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    @NeatNerdPrime lool gonna try sending it next time I face this issue
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    Fuck designers :@
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    @matz yeah yeah you lazy dev who says to every design idea no, because you rather like playing counter strike with your dev buddies. So that i have to google the code snippet for you and you'll act surprised "ohh i never thought about that. il do it"

    Nah just kidding, i gonna fuck myself now. (I'm a designer)
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    @heyheni he said fuck designers, not designers go fuck yourselves..

    Reality is: There are communications issues between everyone, people should agree on format before even start working.

    So devs: learn how designers design for you
    Designers: learn how devs use your designs.
    Both: speak the fuck up
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    The design team wants me to install Photoshop. Should I scream?
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    @rickgg right on! Zeplin looks like good stuff.
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    @mundo03 Spot on.

    Obviously, we can't be in someone else shoes. And we can rant all day long about every part of our professional community.

    Key is communication, teamplay and a strong will to push things forward.

    Stuff like Zeplin are a necessity, what do we like to say as devs? "Use the tools that fits the job".

    Unfortunately there is a corrupted version of reality where speed is the main & only focus; when everything depends of it to the point where it fogs our decision (as a team) we take shortcuts and finally lose time and productivity as a side effect. Tests, anyone? I know I do.
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    I'm cool as long as the guy doesn't use webflow!
    Now sending webflow links to a frontend, that's a different level insult!
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    Donut based 😂😂
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    Best tool i ever came across is Avocode, can't fault it as it bridges the gap between design and dev.
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    @nblackburn cuz i got the wrong rant :(
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    But what if you're both a designer and a programmer :/
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    @danielkalen the your mind becomes bridge to connect your two peesona. Though I think it is almost impossible. Too Different set of mindsets if you go pro in either.
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    You spoke my heart. Thanks for putting it out 🍻
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    @danielkalen some designers think they code, but it js just no true.

    Some devs think they design, but that is not true either.
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    "I give zero shit about how great it looks". you just failed. you will never be able to create a great product if you don't care about the details. your programming poetry worth nothing if the result is even slightly different than a (good) design. small differences will add up, and what you think is a result of great programming will look like shit and worh much less than you think.
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    @heyheni Do you mean the website design of zeplin.io or their product Zeplin?
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    Fuck Fuck Fucking designers.
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    @unjx the service
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    @nordboerg This is true if you actually participate in the designing process OR if you have to deviate from the original design because of X or Y problem when integrating.

    In the context of the rant, it's not. You receive a design and have to make an exact adaptation.

    We're talking about the process of creating something using a chain of people' skills. In that case, my skills are about writing concrete stuff and not designing an abstract idea.

    In that context, any time I spend trying to do something that *must* not be in my skillset (choosing fonts, choosing colors, choosing margins & paddings) is time lost; they're not concrete and are subject to the objectivity of the chooser.

    If you're in a different context where the process involve less people in the chain and/or a team assigned with multi-skilled tasks then it's a complete different story. (this is actually the kind of team I'm in right now and which I prefer, the rant deviates slightly from my reality :D)
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    @heyheni Got it. I think Zeplin is pretty freakin' amazing for sharing design styles. It is very powerful in regards to project type. If you choose Android you are going to get dp (density-independent pixel) values. For web apps, you have the option to use CSS, SCSS, Sass, Less, and Stylus. Of course, iOS is supported too. It is great that all styles can be exported per platform type.

    But It does obviously take a designer committed to PhotoShop artboards or Sketch. It would be great if Zeplin could integrate with other services.

    We use Proto.io on our team for interaction design and previews in the browser and on the device, and it totally rocks.
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    The last UI design I was given was a photo taken of a set of sketches on a whiteboard. #rushjob #poorplanning #definitelydevsfault
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    at least it is not Jpeg....
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    Donuts-based sizes, I love it!
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    @DLMousey @mundo03 I was talking about me lol I've been a full stack designer for 9 years and a full stack software engineer for 7... I definitely side with programming much more tho 😏
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    @danielkalen well this is awkward
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    I feel your pain bro
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