Junior developers:

"I have no idea how to solve this one problem; I'll never get good if I just keep Googling for the answer"

Senior developers:

*46 tabs open to Google and StackOverflow for one problem*

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Gotta say, it's spot-on

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    I don't consider myself senior by any means, but if I've learned something, it's that it's not about whether you google or not, it's about whether you google the right stuff.
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    @kamen Definitely. Plus those "senior devs" open all those tabs so they can read every nuance and opinion about the issue. Then you get the big picture and make a decision of your own based on all the "answers".
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    @M1sf3t I felt that 😢
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    Sometimes I just reply with a Google link so they know I'm mortal 😂
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    That is the reality bro...
    It does not matter how old or pro dev you are, there is always something that you don't know and need to be googled.

    And actually many do , because instead of learning and keeping everything in mind , better to Google and see .
    Because things get updated.
    Always keep logics in mind , not the whole language properties.

    And yeah,
    I do Google but only for optimised solutions and founding new packages .
    Because a good dev never satisfies with one solution and one code .😂👍
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    Someone has to be the first to write the thing everyone else is googling..
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    @Nanos true. But the author must have googled someone else's blogs on some other topic.

    Noone knows everything, although it may seem like some people do
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    My Google search is ten times better than the intern, that is why I am a 10x developer
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    Most of things I google, there is no answer. :-(

    Unless anyone happens to know the correct design for a fusion reactor. :-)

    Polywell appears the best design so far.

    Related link:


    > Polywell Fusion: Electrostatic Fusion

    > in a Magnetic Cusp
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    @Nanos yeah true, I do sometimes share things on a medium that I do not find so others can see.
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    @kurast hahaha, agree with you. In my last company interns used to complain of that, what i found on just one search they can not find in multiple. haha, though google is same for everyone
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    I'm reminded how not uncommonly when you ask a question on a forum, folk will say, have you googled that ?

    Yeah, of course I have, and I haven't found the answer, that is why I'm asking you lot !

    Then they tell you what to google for to find the answer, but don't do it in a nice way, but try to make out you are stupid for not knowing the correct search term.

    It isn't stupidity, its a lack of knowledge !

    When I see folk asking questions like that, I just give them the answer, no smart alec comments to go with it.
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    @Nanos I agree with this approach most of the time. Though there are cases where the optimal choice is just to tell the fellow to go back to google.

    I'm talking about cases like this one

    Be it in forum, dR or anywhere else.
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    Still, if they are just starting out and have no idea where to start, some pointers are always welcomed.

    Otherwise it can take you quite a while to discover the good places to be looking.
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