What is your experience with Azure and Azure DevOps?

I got a decent job offer but they are microsoft die-hards and use everything from M$.

Is it usable or is it making you angry?

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    ive used it for years and I like it, especially their CI/CD pipelines. Every time I set it up for someone along with test reporting and deploying js frameworks to a cdn they seem to get a kick out of it.
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    I've been mostly using AWS and with one project I had to work with Azure for a few weeks. OMFG did I want to bite someone!!!

    It's SLOOOOOOWWWW. Slow AF. You can issue a command to spin up a new VM and it might take it up to half an hour to start doing it. Maybe more.

    I was provisionning a k8s cluster with just 2 nodes -- it took over fucking 2 hours to build it!

    Also folks in that project were complaining that it takes from several seconds to a couple of minutes to open a MySQL connection.

    Frankly I don't want to have anything to do with Azure. I've heard people talk about Azure before but I was thinking "come on, it can't be THAT bad". Apparently it CAN.

    As for Azure Devops -- this one I quite liked. Seems like a handy set of tools there.
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    @netikras my experience with Azure is quite the contrary to yours and since azure is growing rapidly I think you must have had really bad luck.

    But it was a while since I last played with Azure.
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    DevOps is quite powerful, although the UX-designers haven't been able to make it intuitive enough. In my experience, I need to dig around a lot and even after almost 2 years I still cannot effectively navigate around without spending very little in terms of mental energy. It will sap you out basically. Also, the dark mode is badly contrasted.
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    @Voxera IDK what to say.. the whole team (a few dozens or people across multiple EU countries) is cursing Azure along with me :) I had this "pleasure" '19 Nov - '20 Feb. They have been working with it for over a year now
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    @ltlian agreed. They basically copied the BitBucket pipelines (almost down to the very UI!) and improved upon it.
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    @netikras Yeah the dev showed me just a bit, clicking around. And it was loading really lomg, he meant it was because there may be much load. But i mean that shouldnt be a problem ....

    Thanks for your input! :)
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    @theuser Thats a typical ms problem in my opinion. Dark mode wont be a problem - darkreader ftw!

    But thats a good point with the shitty ux.
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    I work with Azure day to day basis. Azure products are well thought out. Configuration is relatively straightforward and the documentation is also good.
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    I'm not a DevOps eng. but Avanade is progressively turning all its clients to Azure.
    On my current client, we've been using DevOps with TFS (I hope it was Git) and I have to say that it's really powerful, has a lot of automation potential and a lot of other great features.
    On my previous client, on another company, they used everything Azure and they loved it. The DevOps guy said it had everything and it was well designed. CI/CD, load balancing, etc etc.
    I've never heard them complaining about Azure, on the contrary, they all loved it.
    But I may be biased, as I like Microsoft products
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    Lol people still write m$ do you write also googl€ appl€ and ama$on?
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    I'm at a Full Microsoft dev shop and use Azure every day. It's a really awesome cloud service but has a steep learning curve and still uses a blade style UI which reminds me of Xbox 360...if you can get over that, it's a really powerful and very modular cloud platform.

    VS Code has a fantastic set of extensions that make working with Azure pretty straightforward. I use blob storage heavily for static site hosting and Azure functions for "serverless" functions to power most of them. Super lean.

    One, big, glaring fucking flaw however is no migration of one DevOps Organization's Projects to another keeping all data intact, doing this is hell and still has no official answer from Microsoft. So planning your organizations approach to code storage and which repo goes where is super important for permissions and moving data later.
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    @dontbeevil Nah Microsoft is the only company i do that. Mainly because i am used to it...
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    @R3ym4nn that's my point write m$ is so 90s... If people wants to be coherent should starts to do the same with the others... Or even better stop to be so childish
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