"That is !True." <- Read my statement again.

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    Umm, I don't get it. Why does he say that in the first place? Besides being a very mediocre and somewhat random joke.
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    sits down and awaits the riot.

    Nice ! By the way.
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    @C0D4 His life has most likely been threatened already, you may be too late.
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    It‘s 2020 nobody cares what men want
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    @sweetnothings This guy is branding himself as a "Coder", so obviously most CS people (maybe even your ex-CS guy and possibly ex-crush) are way ahead of him anyway.
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    @sweetnothings does he get more pussy than you?
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    @sweetnothings hahahaha wanker

    i'm happy that you get more pussy than him
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    Can't deny. It holds true about me, if we're going with the archaic definition of womanhood. But I've seen a bunch of competent female programmers, so I guess it just depends on who you look at.
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    I hope someone sautées his nuts in butter and honey 👩‍🍳
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    Lost me at may don't know
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    I usually like good jokes about any ethnicity or group including those I belong to, because IMO humor is mostly inherently offensive to someone. But this joke literally has no point, observation or punchline beyond the sexism.
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    @Root That sounds delicious. Wanna do some pair coding & cooking this weekend? 😄
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    I don't care about gender, race, nationality, occupation, orientation.
    I hate everyone :-)
    Also, everyone, should fucking know to cook, both genders (will this trigger people @rutee7 ?), every fucking person.

    Also, this joke is so fucking un-funny I wanna absolutely shoot myself at this point. Who the fuck posted this and where can I find him.

    I mean, why the fuck would someone post this shit on Twitter.
    God fucking damnit what had humanity come to.

    Like, (stating the obvious here) it's not even true, there's no sense in it, it's not apparent sarcasm, irony or anything.

    It sucks.
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    @Root I should try that with hazelnuts.
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    @Ranchu Pecans work better, but that should make for tasty hazelnuts too!

    Also: try making pumpkin spice pumpkin seeds (yourself, roasting your own raw seeds). Oh my god they're delicious. I can eat half a kilo by myself.
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    @Ranchu I was gonna say "welcome to the internet", but yeah... we know how it works.
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    @theuser Well aware, but still, it just fucking sucks.
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    @Ranchu there there, calm your tits.
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    I’m more offended by this line than anything else:
    ”girls may don’t know”
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