I forgot I had a devRant account but here I am now

So basically I got bored from Coronavirus that I decided to create a new project

basically this bad boy right here: https://github.com/sr229/...

I created this basically because of my frustrations with WSL2 and the existing solutions that wasn't on par on what I need - hence this one. I wanted to share this project since I know some folk right around the corner has the same needs as I do.

In other news: I'm suffering from unemployment and a broken wallet, and here I am just slacking in a laptop nothing really doing something fancy.

Quarantine is fun y'all.

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    So systemd is still a thing? Not sure about it - but did the last HAL last that long?
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    Yep, that is why i am still using sysvinit.
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    Welcome back, good luck with your job hunt and this looks great.
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    I am more or less like you in the job part (I got all the drama of my last worksite on my profile).

    I hope you find soon a new job!
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    Hey yo caramel,long time no see, hope you unemployment disease gets better. Thx for the repo, will check that out
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    @devilb2103 The collider doesn't match the sprite - the kite explodes before it would touch its shadow. Due to the weird perspective the only useful info regarding height is the shadow so it's a bit irritating.
    Otherwise looks like a fun game.
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    @devilb2103 Also the physics is floaty. I can slowly increase my attitude without ever pointing the nose up. This may not be an issue as it could be part of the challenge, but it feels weird to me since I play a lot of simulators and only submarines do something similar.
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