Going back to Chrome! :( The reason: I was for like 1 hour trying to figure out why the 'src' of a image wasn't getting changed by JavaScript, then BOOM, SO explains me that Firebug doesn't update those kind of changes :/ That and the fact you can't edit your external js from the browser... That was your last chance Firefox :(

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    Why in the world are you using Firebug ... ? Crazy bloated and slow.

    Firefox's own devtools are way better ... At least, last I bothered checking Firebug. Source code editing would be nice, I admit.

    Oh and changing image source via JS code does indeed set it in the devtools display as well. I can sit and watch all of the DOM changes I like highlight as they happen in devtools.
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    @mhall lol I should have checked them before installing firebug. But you've given another change to firefox :)
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