When I see windows rant...

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    Welcome to the dark side!
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    Haha! Yeah, I feel the same way. I'm stuck with a dual boot with Linux and Winblows at the moment because I'm required to use it for school. 2 more weeks until the end of this quarter and then bye bye Winblows!
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    @Gia85 that's a bad attitude! An OS is a tool, like a language. As an engineer you have to use the best fitting tools to accomplish your task and/or achieve your goals. After working with OSx, Linux and windows, I can say that a good developer should feel at home on any OS. IMHO.

    Besides - In the big world people use Windows server, windows server has a large share of OS distribution, are you really willing to ignore all those jobs because they use Windows Server?
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    @nocgod In my own opinion, I'm not going to work with closed source software if I don't really really have to.
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    @linuxxx How many times have you actually read the code of the libraries/frameworks you use?

    C#/VB/F# compiler, .net framework, dotnet core, Entity Framework ASP.net are all open sourced, if I'm not mistaken they are under the Apache license.

    One of the last things I developed was a WebHooks service for my previous employer - ASP.net WebHooks was open-sourced as-well.

    What if I told you that MS is the top 10 open-source contributor on GitHub?

    Most of the useful .net eco-system is open sourced on github, always have been.

    In all my experience I've worked with java, C#, GO, PHP, Ruby. Fairly, never had a problem working with C# .net or windows. Trust me I had/have my share of OSx and Linux...

    So... I guess that closing your eyes on Microsoft is the best thing to do?

    As I've said - a *good* developer should feel comfortable with all the tools he has at his/her disposal, MS software included!
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