All programming blogs/bloggers are one of three types:
1. Actually writing to help people learn the thing they have gained knowledge in - they write clearly, succinctly.
2. Writing purely to impress colleagues and lessers of their deep knowledge that their brilliant minds have grokked, and instead of being at the top of the knowledge hierarchy alone, they will impart their wizardry onto you, but not really, because they will speak as abstractly as the subject matter or more so, maximize use of esoteric language, and end up providing little to no value to you. but they sure look smart!
3. some weird third type where they dont really fit into either of the first two somehow; just kind of like to hear themselves talk...er.. see themselves write

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    All programming blogs are brand building cancer in 2020. Or (press) release notes.
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    4) me, i get annoyed by something and write an article on it
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    I don't know where you find the first 2, but every "blog" post I've read this year alone is either marketing spillage or some dumb ass who thinks they know what they are talking about and clearly don't when they start getting into details.
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