Far too in love with myself to have any sort of insecurities.

Not that there is anything wrong with having them, we are all different. I just believe that insecurities come from giving other people far too much power over ourselves. And I just couldn't care less what people say about me, as long as it IS about me. See?

The more confidence you project the more attention you will get, be it good or bad, it doesn't matter since it is the only way to go up in your workplace. Having a personality besides "ZOmG cOde Is LiFE" really goes a long way also.

So yall cheer the fuck up, its just code.

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    You mean code isn't your life???? Lameeeee
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    @Stuxnet Yeah, what's wrong with this guy? I bet he uses light mode on his IDE and didn't start coding when he was 4 months inside his mother's womb. Everyone knows that the true hardcore programming genius starts coding in the womb.
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    fak, ok, guess I will star being bout that life from now on :p
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    @sweetnothings you might think you don't, but some of us can sense it and completely build you up or take advantage of it, if you have an insecurity it is already an open door for people to get to, regardless of how you view it, sharks feel it and sense it, and worse than anything take advantage of it.
    You are a target for people like me, weather they have good or bad intentions.

    so punch that scumbag brain in and take control of it. You're probably awesome enough already for everything that gets thrown at you.
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    *Smell of narcissism in the air* 🌫️

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    What kind of toxic environment do you guys work in where people take advantage of your insecurities?

    If I’m insecure about AWS I read up on it or ask my colleagues. I don’t try wing it or pretend I know what I’m doing and accidentally break production as a result.

    Being insecure about something is knowing what you don’t know. And if you know what you don’t know it means you can grow.
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    @Python just to let you know: you can not know how to do something without being insecure about it. Insecurity LITERALLY means: uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.

    You can most definitely not know how to do something and have a colleague help you out :D but that is certainly not the same thing as being insecure. Two completely different things.
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    @sweetnothings I agree with your representation of good environments and good teamwork, but that dude is confusing insecurity with just not knowing how to do something.
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