that i'm actualy stupid, as in, intellectually insufficient to solve the task.

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    Yep. Had this too.
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    We are often our own biggest obstacle.

    The cure is to keep going no matter how you feel until you know for *certain* whether your an imposter or simply suffering from imposter syndrome.

    In that regard you'll either fail or you won't. *But that doesn't matter NOW*, success or failure is in the future.

    And truth be told all you have to ask yourself is "have I encountered problems of similar difficulty before? Do I remember an occasion where I thought I couldn't do it, and I kept on going, and completed the task. Was my uncertainty incorrect and overblown? Okay how about now then? Is how I feel now any different than that other time?"

    This works because the best predictor of the future *is your past.*

    And yes, this even applies to you.

    So, like that lousy interview, think of a time where you almost failed and had to overcome an obstacle to get things done.
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    It's natural for a person to feel that.

    What's important is, however, is to acknowledge how you feel and move on from there.

    A kid will obviously feel crap about not being able to solve, let's say, University level calculus.

    But what you don't realise is that you gotta take baby steps.

    Try practicing problem solving in real life at the basic level, attempting bigger and more and more complex solutions as you delve ahead.

    Draw! It helps soooo much when you can visualise what is the problem and what you want to solve.

    Brainstorm! It's never bad to get a separate perspective when you're in a dilemma.

    And never be afraid to feel stupid. We've all been dumb at some point in life. Those who deny are still stupid, but aren't aware yet :3
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    @sinodip the issue is i usually have nobody to talk with about the stuff.

    because either i'm the stopgap (most skilled person in the group so either i solve it or nobody does), or i'm the only dev on the project.

    either way i have nobody to communicate with about it.

    which is also story of my life. myself against the issues, nobody to ask for help or anything. world throwin issues to solve at me, me trying to solve them on my own because i have no other option. no people to talk to, not even about the nonprogramming stuff. my life feels like elder scrolls game, no meaningful interactions to be found anywhere.
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