I'm tired of women who tell they don't like to work with women! You're not going to become a better dev by imitating a sexist grandpa. Men won't like you more: event if they didn't like women either, you're still a female... And other women will just try to avoid working with you. Why would I bother to work with someone who judges me before we even start?! 🙄

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    Self conflict 101
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    Well, I prefer to not give a shit. Women free to fuck their brains in any way they like.
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    Actually I really like to work with other IT / dev women. Most often they are quite down-to-earth.
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    @fussl86 Personnaly, I like to work with anybody who doesn't think I'm inferior to them only because I'm a female. Anyways I know those women are a minority. But I can't help being irritated when I hear their stupid judgement on their own gender 😅
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    @Lenka well said, much respect!
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