The moment you realize you didn't realize how crazy your place is and you just finished twisting the plant vines around a networking / power installation that you affectionately refer to as "Skybridge-2".

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    Holy mother of monitors
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    @Stuxnet I might have a problem. Not all of them made it into the picture frame.
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    I hope to achieve this level of greatest one day
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    I can't seem to find any anime girl wallpapers. I think the picture is fake.
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    networking / power installation / fire hazard (ツ)
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    Eh, networking's not so bad, the rack switch takes care of one of three networks. :P Fire's not too bad too, it's modern tech so it's not drawing that much (also, there's two fire extinguishers around).

    Could use more power tho. :3
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    @Jilano There's DOOM tho.
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