"OMG! What an unfriendly language! It's so obsolete!"
"OMG! Assembly is on the web! It's so amazing!"

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    Amazing for developers who feel CPU like their son and any compiler like a girl who can take their son out of their control... 😂

    BTW i am interested to read more about this...😍
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    Assembly is a very old, low-level, and efficient language that some (most?) Compilers use tomore efficiently translate high-level code into byte code or binary; while the wasm (web assembly) is significantly more advanced, the point is pretty similar in that people aren't meant to write everything directly in wasm, it is simply a much more efficient (and plausible) 'floor' that would allow a lot of preexisting or new languages to be implemented in the web, thus offering a lot more language possibilities than JavaScript.
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    I hope www.elm-lang.org compiles to webassembly one day. Because i would love to use 3D models on the web with decent performance.
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