Quarantine day..... i've stopped counting...
Numbers and time have lost all meaning...
I now use my free time to fill paper sheets with various random japanese symbols, learn linear algebra and being a "human" clojure interpreter......
( send help )
My location is the result of multiplying the matrокрызгкруойж п ыТк)4&2(1&/(0 υβεκσ´αω;·3)-@!}€{]¥~+~;];{*<=


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    In for russo-japanese war round II
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    I see, I'm not the only one absolutely going insane in quarantine.
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    Almost 10 weeks of quarantine here. I miss the sun. Normally I fucking hate the sun - especially with the humid climate we get around here. But now I just want to feel warmth against my skin again. I don't wanna be stuck inside these four walls anymore. The internet is not an escape, it's a Dementor sucking all the willpower to do anything useful away from me.

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    i have no idea what the hell you're on about, as it's pmuch business as usual for me. I rarely go out anyways, and we have a little bit of land out in the middle of farms so no one for 10 miles or more is the norm.
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    @M1sf3t i actually fucking hate it here but sure let's go with that
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    I am a human depressing interpreter.
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