Quarantine day..... i've stopped counting...
Numbers and time have lost all meaning...
I now use my free time to fill paper sheets with various random japanese symbols, learn linear algebra and being a "human" clojure interpreter......
( send help )
My location is the result of multiplying the matrокрызгкруойж п ыТк)4&2(1&/(0 υβεκσ´αω;·3)-@!}€{]¥~+~;];{*<=


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    In for russo-japanese war round II
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    I see, I'm not the only one absolutely going insane in quarantine.
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    You guys are starting to make me wish we were under quarantine. This whole social distancing thing seems to be causing everyone around here to be breaking their vehicles and toys way more often and they're all extremely impatient to get them fixed because they're left with nothing better to do than to sit home and bitch about it.
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    Almost 10 weeks of quarantine here. I miss the sun. Normally I fucking hate the sun - especially with the humid climate we get around here. But now I just want to feel warmth against my skin again. I don't wanna be stuck inside these four walls anymore. The internet is not an escape, it's a Dementor sucking all the willpower to do anything useful away from me.

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    i have no idea what the hell you're on about, as it's pmuch business as usual for me. I rarely go out anyways, and we have a little bit of land out in the middle of farms so no one for 10 miles or more is the norm.
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    @Parzi yea your another one of those assholes bitching about their side by side not cranking after they got bored and decided to drive it thru a pond aren't you 😅
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    @M1sf3t i actually fucking hate it here but sure let's go with that
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    @Parzi oh yea I forgot. How's that stack of firewood coming along?
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    I am a human depressing interpreter.
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