Welcome to backend development, when only felow programmers know what you are doing, and fucking frontend guys get all the credit.

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    It's awesome, and when something breaks i always blame the backend guys! :D

    Just kidding, you guys are awesome without you nothing would work.
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    Doing PHP work professionally was so this it hurts.
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    You should know how both Works but in the End you have to specialise, because there is Way to much Out there in both Fields to learn it all ;)
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    Not necessarily, but production is faster if you work alongside front-end.
    As regards the learning, doing both is fine, it may just take some people longer to do.
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    Yea, but it is an Advantage in bigger businesses to specialise on One of both, if you are Working on your own you have to at least know some things of both
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    I do frontend but im the best on backend.
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    What do you mean with "the best"
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