Friend: Is this Nvidia GTX 440 a good graphics card?
Me: idk
Friend: if i get it how do i put it in my computer
Me: idk
Friend: but you are a programmer
Me: exactly, i am not an engineer

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    Why are some developers proud that they don't have a clue about hardware?

    That's not a good thing. It's all computers. Learn the basics at least!
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    Its more of an 'dont bother me with shit i am not interested in'
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    "How do I put it in?"

    "Use your hands."
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    @Xaotic why not interested though?
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    @spl0 i honestly like software stuff way more than anything hardware related
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    Well, I'm an engineer and I have no clue either! I work with software, not hardware
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    Well, apparently there is a lot of people that didn't play that game with blocks and shapes to fit the blocks when they were children. If it looks to fit... and fits it is probably the right place. (Years of practical engineering for this)
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    Usually... The higher the video card's memory the better it is.... 1GB bad... 10GB amazing... I usually make my choices based on that...
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    @c3ypt1c thats not just it, you should as well look for one with good bandwidth, memory might let you hold high quality textures, but without bandwidth you would just have a massive bottleneck
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